Video clips for lessons

All the video clips you will need for the lesson plans can be found below.  All the video clips are given in two different formats:

1. As a YouTube video clip. You will need an internet connection in your classroom to play it.

2. As an mp4 file.  You can save this version to your own computer, which means you don’t need an internet connection in your classroom to play it.
Below the window in which the video clip appears in mp4 format, just right click on “Download video in mp4 format” and select “Save link as” to save it to your computer.

1 A2-B1. Šarić-Cvjetković, Božica.Touch the sky
2 A2. Nabhan, Effie and Quartano, Katie. Babies love learning about the world
3 B1 - C1. Scott-Monkhouse, Anila Ruth. A story of rock solid friendship
4 B1-B2. Keddie, Jamie. Brilliant Toilet
5 B1-C1. Petrie, David. Creature Discomforts.
6 B1-C2. Harrison, Mike. Meet the super humans
7 B1. Baade, Kate. Choosing a WAV
8 B1. Prodromou, Luke. Wheelchair sketch
9 B1. Clandfield, Lindsay. See the person I can
10 B1. Turner, Penny. What is that?
11 B2 - C1. Papalazarou. Chrysa. Disability
12 B2 - C1. Rosenberg, Marjorie. The robotic arm project
13 B2 - C2. Anthony, Molly. Accommodating disabled aguests at amusements parks
14 B2. Buyuksimkesiank Eva. Dreams academy
15 B2. Prodromou, Luke. Wheelchair sketch
16 B2. Savery, James. Overcoming difficulties
17 B2. Hart, Claire. How can we make our company / school more accessible for people with disabilities?
18 B2. Petrie, David. The accessibility audit
19 B2. Turner, Penny. Pet shop
20 C1 - C2. Everhard, Carol and Quartano, Katie. A fresh approach to disability employment
21 C1 - C2. Jozwiak, Magdalena. Dream big...
22 C1. Rickard, Jonathan. Follow your dream
23 C1. Kavanagh, Fergal. Kentucky Avenue
24 C2. Prodromou, Luke. Wheelchair sketch
25 C2. Donargy, Kieran. Edwyn Collins
26 C2. Vasiliadou, Antonia. Stepping into their shoes