Ait Man, Hassan. Creating an awareness campaign with students in Morocco


Read how Hassan Ait Man used material from Disabled Access Friendly
to raise awareness about mobility disability with his students in Morocco.

Mr. Ait Man is a strong believer that teaching should go beyond the walls of the classroom.  He says “Teaching is about preparing citizens of tomorrow, who are able to make a positive change in their world”.

The following are excerpts from e-mail correspondence between Mr. Ait Man and the Disabled Access Friendly campaign.

To:  Disabled Access Friendly campaign
From: Hassan Ait Man

Dear Katie,

I just want to share with you an activity I did with my class (ACCESS GROUP) about mobility disability. Actually, I was inspired by the Disabled Access Friendly website and I decided to join the campaign!

The goal of the lesson was to create an awareness campaign about mobility disability.

  • First we watched this video from the Disabled Access Friendly website.

Activity 1 watching the video 2

  • Then we did some comprehension/viewing tasks.
  • After that, we viewed some sample posters about the issue of access for people with mobility disability.
  • Students made their own posters and presented them in class.
Activity 1 creating posters 5 Activity 1 creating posters 6
Activity 1 creating posters 7 Activity 1 presenting posters

To:  Disabled Access Friendly campaign
From: Hassan Ait Man

Dear Katie,

We have done some follow up activities on our initial activity of creating a campaign raising awareness about mobility disability

This is what we did this week:

1. Reading. Students read about Alice (see handout)
2, Debate
: Students reflected on page 2 questions (refer  "Have your say"in the handout)

2. Drama:  We did a role play in which students imagined that they were elderly people with mobility problems living in a care centre.   The objective of this activity was to let students put themselves in the shoes of elderly, disabled people.

Activity 2 outline of role play Activity 2 role play


  • Students drew their life timeline, including the main events in their lives (ups and downs) and any accidents or illnesses that had contributed to their mobility problems
  • They were then invited to a meeting by the centre's manager: he told them that the centre would be closing
  • The students shared their reactions to this bad news

The activity was so emotionally charged that some students started to cry. I (the teacher) provided some moral support and reminded them that the activity was just a role play.

3. After that, we did an activity called "tableau"
The objective of this activity was to allow students to share their feelings with the whole class.
I let students discuss  in small, closed groups the decision to close the centre
Then, when I said “freeze”, I pointed to one group.  The other groups froze and the group at which I had pointed continued talking so that the whole class could hear.

At the end, I asked students to give their feedback about all the activities we did on the topic of mobility disability:

  • Video
  • Making a poster
  • Reading
  • Debate
  • Drama
Activity 2 feedback introduction Activity 2 feedback 1

 DAF poster_in_classroom

      For more details and pictures about our activities
      please refer to our facebook page