The following is an extract from the weekly newsletter dated Feb 24 2012 of the Director of Pinewood, The American International School, Thessaloniki. Greece.



Bottle caps for wheelchairs project

Nowadays we are living in the midst of an economic crisis and many can’t afford to improve their lives. However, the issue of health is still very important, so humanity must help one another to live better lives. As such, Dimitris Filinadas and Ioannis Emmanouilidis, from Pinewood’s class of 2013, sought out a person to give their love generously to and found a girl named Christina from their hometown, Kastoria. These students helped Christina buy a wheelchair because her family could not afford to pay for one. They collected bottle caps from the school, the Boarding Department and Pinewood community and the 4th High School in Kastoria in order to collect a respectable number of bottle caps that were exchanged for a wheelchair through a special program in Greece. Recently, this wheelchair was given to Christina, a young girl with a handicap that leaves her unable to walk. When asked why the boys chose to participate in this special program, they responded by sharing that they wanted to help someone in need in both an ethical and material way in this time of trouble for so many. In doing so, they have become examples for all young people because in these difficult financial times, we have the need for values, ideals and exemplars worth noting. Congratulations Dimitris and Ioannis for your noble efforts. We are proud of you!

Bottle caps_for_wheelchairs_project_photo_compressed