British Council Greece

The British Council is the UK’s principle organisation for international cultural relations.  It connects people with creative ideas and learning opportunities from the UK and aim to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in Greece and the UK.  It focuses on education, English, exams, arts and culture and science and society.

British Council Poland

The British Council has been operating in Poland for over 75 years, promoting British culture, engaging in social projects, providing examinations services and teaching English. Since opening, the English language has been at the heart of our work, creating cultural relations between the UK, Poland and the rest of the world. In January 2013 we launched the Quality Teaching Blog so teachers in Poland can share events, ideas, and lesson plans to enhance their teaching and develop networking opportunities.  You are invited to follow the blog and add your valuable input on different teaching issues.

City and Guilds English Exams (PEOPLECERT Group) 

The UK's leading awarding body for work-related qualifications, City & Guilds, who work in Greece with the Greek training and certification group, PeopleCert S.A (PeopleCert). PeopleCert administers City & Guilds International English for Qualifications (IEQs) in Greece.

Disabled NOW

Disability NOW is a supportive non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Greece, which aims to produce and disseminate disability related information. It constitutes a major source of peer support and counselling, empowering people with disabilities with the appropriate knowledge and skills to self-advocate and exercise their civil rights, to manage their needs and to establish their own terms and choices in their lives. Peer support, information and advice are provided continuously through the telephone, email, online disability community and forum, newsletters and the printed magazine, on a professional and voluntary basis.

ETC Education and Training Consultants

ETC organizes and conducts teacher development seminars for teachers of English and other foreign languages, as well as management courses and consultancies for foreign language school owners/directors.

H Alli Opsi 

Alli Opsi (which means a “Different View” or the “Other Side” in Greek) is a non-profit association that was founded in Thessaloniki in 2007 mostly by young people with or without disability. The main activity of Alli Opsi is to organise Training Camps, addressed at people with tetraplegia or paraplegia mostly caused by spinal cord injury, as well as people with amputation. The aim of the Camp is to provide people with disability with the necessary means and experiences in order to attain higher level of autonomy. This is achieved through face to face peer support and intensive training.

Hellenic American Union 

The Hellenic American Union (HAU) is a not for profit organisation with historic ties to the US. It provides accessible, market-relevant, results-oriented training programmess that lead to broadly recognized certification and draw upon innovative developments in educational technology and methodology. These programmes range from basic skills training in foreign languages and computer literacy and vocational training programmes to continuing professional education and higher education degrees.

International Publishers Exhibitions

IP Exhibitions bring together producers and professional users (school owners, teachers etc.) of foreign language teaching materials and inform visitors to their exhibitions of the latest developments in foreign language education by organising professional and commercial presentations. . IP exhibitions are today the biggest and most authoritative events in the field in Cyprus and in Greece.

International Women's Organisation of Greece (IWOG)

IWOG is a secular, non-profit, non-political, organisation, first established in 1948 to offer philanthropic assistance to the Greek people torn by civil war. IWOG is for all women residing in Northern Greece, temporarily or permanently, with the English language as their common bond.  The organization now supports a wide range of Greek charities.


The Panhellenic Federation of Language School Owners (PALSO) is the appellate body which includes 40 member Associations of Language School Owners all over Greece. The associations have a total of 5,000 member Language School Owners, each with its own unique exam participation code. PALSO is also the examination body and conducts LAAS (PALSO) & EDEXCEL exams twice a year in around 100 major cities-exam centres.

TESOL Greece 

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is an independent, volunteer, non-profit professional association for teachers of English as a foreign language and other ELT professionals working in Greece. It aims to provide a forum for members to share and exchange ideas, organise conventions and events, produce a newsletter and inform aspiring as well as experienced teachers of opportunities for professional advancement and training.

TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, N. Greece

Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) Macedonia Thrace is an independent non-profit professional association for Teachers of the English Language who live in the area(s) of Northern Greece. We see our role as two-fold. It aims to explore the reality of how teaching actually is in classrooms in Greece but also to consider how teaching could be as we strive towards improving conditions for ourselves and our students.

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